Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hacked PS3s Will Be Terminated Permanently

Fake PS3 3.56 CFW
In 2006, Sony released a major firmware update for the PS3, update 3.60. That firmware update many holes hackers were using, and prevented modded and hacked consoles from connecting to the PlayStation Network. However, the block keeping hacked consoles off of PSN has now been successfully circumvented with custom firmware, while the LV0 decryption keys for the PS3 have been loosed into the wild - that means that a PC can now easily pretend to be a PS3, and connect and download stuff, which can then be re-encrypted and run on hacked and modded consoles.

Sony has now officially responded to new PlayStation 3 hack, directly warning users against applying it and threatening all those suspected of having done so of having their access to Sony's online services "terminated permanently".

In other word, they'll be "banned".

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Xbox 360 Banned in Germany

xbox 360
Motorola Mobility has been granted an injunction against the distribution of key Microsoft products in Germany, include the console Xbox 360, OS Windows 7, the browser Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player.

The distribution ban was ordered by a Mannheim court, after Motorola claimed Microsoft had infringed two patents central to the H.264 video coding and playback.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

PS Vita Launched in Japan

Sony has finally launched the PlayStation Vita in Japan, on 17 December 2011, After almost a year of officially announcing it. Sony has also released an online user guide for the PS Vita, which details all of the functions and gives a closer look at the device.

Meanwhile, the PS Vita has already reached firmware 1.50, and there isn’t quite a clear indication as to what has been changed.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Love Errors? Play this SE FB Game!

Knights of the Crystal is a RPG with Final Fantasy elements, where players take on quests in search of treasure, has a job change system, and artwork from Ryoma Ito (Final Fantasy Tactics A2). Its free to play, but some items cost cold hard cash.

Knights of the Crystals has two modes: Quest and Fight. Questing allows the player to use AP (Action Power) to partake in set quests, which earn the player EXP, Gold and occasionally items dan Jobs. Fighting allows the player to attack other players using BP (Battle Power) to earn EXP and Gold, and occasionally items. Both AP and BP regenerate once every five minutes.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

EMIX3 : (Fake) PS3 Emulator

EMIX3 : (Fake) PS3 Emulator
EMIX3 is a PlayStation 3 emulator for Windows and Linux, started by the group of Russian coders which called their project Emix3 in July 2011.

From 2008 we put our hard work to develop the working PS3 emulator. Took us the whole three years to coordinate the PlayStation 3 CPU with PC one and the main thing what relieved our project came with new CPU technology with 3 cores. After Intel i3 came out, we dedicated our work on improving other things like graphics effects and FPS rating.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

PSP-E1000 - Cheap PSP

SCEE press conference at gamescom wass not only about the announcement made on the PS3 price drop, Sony also introduced the PSP-E1000 (PSP Essentials) – a wifi-less version of the PSP-3000 model. With a slightly different design, it comes in a charcoal black matching the slim PS3. It will still provides access to the full catalogue of PSP games either on UMD or from PlayStation Store (via Media Go). This new model that will retail at just €99.99, which is about $99 in the U.S.

The Essentials does not include Wi-Fi, so you’ll have to rely on games providing the updates or getting them via a cable. That's mean no online multiplayer. Sony has also replace the stereo speakers with monoaural, but you can still use stereo headphones. There is also no video out feature.

PSP-E1000 will be available across PAL, but won’t be launched outside of PAL territories, at least for now.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First 3DS Roms Dumped

A group named LGC has apparently managed to dump the first 3DS roms. The roms dumped are the European versions of Super Monkey Ball 3D and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Shadow Wars. These releases come along with actual release nfo's. Both roms are 2048Mbit (256 MB), which is smaller than the largest DS rom.

LGC is not a new group, they have dumped DS and DSi roms before, so it's probable that this claim may be real. Also, the source comes form Ludibria, a popular site that posts scene release data for many systems. It remains unknown how LGC did this or what tools they used. And for now, the dumps remain unusable due to a lack of compatible flashcards. But for now, they are apparently released and use the file extension .3DS.